Available courses

Introduction to Quality Management, Basic concepts of Quality, Historical Background, Quality in Goods, Quality in Services, Measuring Quality, Total Quality Management, Quality Standards and Certification, ISO 9000 Quality Management System, Quality Assurance Concepts, Industry Specific Standards. Quality in Aviation; Quality and Safety, Human Factors, The Quality Manager, Quality Systems in Aviation. Service Performance; The Service Management System, Service Management Techniques, Service Blue Printing. Resource Panning; Resource Allocation Techniques, Resource Allocation in Aviation, Output Maximization, Operations Planning.

This course introduces you to Space Science. It provides all the background knowledge required to understand the requirements for development of space vehicles.

The development of air traffic management; Legal aspects and importance of ATC; Fundamental control tower operations, positions, responsibilities and equipment; Aircraft separation; Airport traffic patterns; Aircraft recognition; Definition and quantification of risk; Development of efficient procedures; Air traffic flow management; Aircraft loading; Role of ATC in accident investigation; Emergency response to aviation incidents and accidents; Aero-met; Aeronautical information services.